Technical Meeting


October 11-13, 2022

Call for Abstracts

Rubber Division, ACS invites your submissions for inclusion in our International Elastomer Conference Technical Meeting & Student Symposium October 11-13, 2022 in Knoxville, TN.

All abstracts received by May 25, 2022 will be considered for the program.

We are accepting abstract proposals relating to innovation and research in the following featured Technical Meeting topics:

Elastomers for Healthcare
New Commercial Developments
Elastomers for 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing
Material Technologies Driving Electric Vehicles (EV)
Natural Rubber Supply Chain & Domestic Alternatives
Raw Materials Sustainability
Elastomers in Infrastructure
Elastomers for Energy Applications & Extreme Environments
Vibration Isolation
Wear Particles, Leachables & Toxicity
Digitalization & Data in the Elastomer Industry
New Techniques Measuring Rubber Processability
Characterization of Elastomers & Raw Materials
Aging & Degradation of Rubber

Student Symposium
Undergraduate and Graduate students are invited to submit abstracts to the Student Symposium. The Symposium provides a platform for students in Rubber/Polymer chemistry and engineering programs to share their research and applied industry experiences. This separate event includes both oral presentations and a poster session. Come show our attendees what you are doing! Financial prizes will be awarded to the top posters and oral presentations.


Abstracts must be received by May 25, 2022 in order to be considered for inclusion in the schedule.

Technical Paper manuscripts will be due September 11, 2022.


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