Experience Elastomers Student Outreach Program

October 19, 2023; 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

For this program, we invite students from grades 9-12 to attend the International Elastomer Conference and learn about the rubber industry with the goal of igniting interest and passion for it. The program is designed to provide the students a general overview how the industry operates and we simplified it by focusing on three sectors: Raw Materials, Mixing & Molding and Testing. We have hands-on workshops and expo booth interaction activities to help demonstrate how the industry works together. The event ends with the students in breakout rooms where discussions are held regarding five different career paths in the rubber industry.

If supporting student outreach in our industry is important to your company or organization, contact hmaimone@rubber.org to discuss how you can help make this initiative a success through sponsoring this program.

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