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October 11 - 13, 2022


University students from around the globe will gather for the Annual Student Symposium. Students in graduate and undergraduate degree programs, as well as students engaged in co-op programs in industry are welcome to participate. The Symposium includes the Student Poster sessions and a series of 25-minute oral presentations.

All student participants are eligible to compete for financial prizes awarded to the Best Poster and Best Presentation projects. The student projects will be judged on content, scope, originality of research, organization, presentation delivery, and subject knowledge.

These students are the future of our industry. All International Elastomer Conference attendees are encouraged to support and engage with our student participants by attending the presentations and viewing the posters. Poster sessions will take place on the Expo Floor (Tuesday, October 11) and at the entrance to the Technical Meeting sessions Ballroom D (Wednesday, October 12). Student Presentations are scheduled in relevant sessions throughout the 202nd Technical Meeting, October 11-13.


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